Digital marketing

Digital marketing is no longer new; it’s a must-have component of every seller’s marketing plan. It’s immediate, portable, sharable and has amazing reach.

Digital marketing takes your property to the buyer, wherever they are, whatever device they’re using and in whatever format they prefer. It gives them access to rich and immersive content - like video and interactive floor plans - that goes beyond traditional static content.

The power of digital marketing

What we offer

Our salespeople will talk you through the full range of digital marketing options available to help you sell your home. We’ll help you put together a plan that is suited to your home and your budget.

Online advertising

We know that most people are searching for their new home online these days. So we offer a range of online advertising options designed to get your property the most views, enquiries and open home activity. 

All of our listings feature on our own website, as well as, and international site

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Professionally shot marketing videos help bring your property to life and reach even more prospective buyers. Studies indicate that including video increases the number of enquiries about a property by 400%.

Our video packages are really affordable and could make a difference to your marketing plan.

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Interactive floor plans

Interactive floor plans help buyers imagine their new life in your house by allowing them to click and view photos taken in each area of your home. Potential buyers can see how the house works, how the rooms are laid out and if there's enough space for everyone.

Did you know?

Properties with floor plans receive up to 30% more interest than those without a floor plan.

Rightmove, one of the UK's largest property websites.

Want to know more about digital marketing?

We’ll help you mix and match your online and offline marketing to get the best combination for your home. 

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