Top 5 backyard tips to improve the value of your property

Photo of a garden with flowers, green bushes and two wooden chairs

A backyard blitz not only adds value, it can also increase demand for your investment property, and may even increase your rental return.

1. Make use of sunlight

Certain areas of a garden will attract more sunlight than others, so it’s important to position plants appropriately, allowing them to flourish. Some plants can tolerate sunlight more than others, so make sure you do your homework. Shade is also important, so you could look at creating shelters to protect certain areas from the sun.

2. Lawn maintenance

Mowing properly and frequently makes lawns healthier and thicker and helps them fight off weeds, insects and diseases.

For your mowing height, make sure the height of your grass is tall enough for it to recover but not short enough to scalp your lawn. Practice the 'one-third rule', which is trimming a third of each grass blade at one time. Mow in different directions to prevent ruts in your soil. Avoid cutting grass when it’s wet.

3. Use decorations and accessories

Ornaments, vases, lighting and decorative tiles can make all the difference when landscaping a garden. Using gravel, stones or seashells can reduce the hassle of constant maintenance.

Be careful not to overcrowd areas and keep all areas permeable (allow water to pass through).

4. Choose complimenting and contrasting themes

Having different colour themes and texture can give the garden a sense of character. Different plants and features will create an aesthetic effect allowing for a consistent outdoor flow.

5. Make the property family or pet-friendly

Families generally have more specific needs than other tenants, such as privacy and safety and space for children to play, so you may want to add hedges or create fenced off areas.

To attract pet-owners, you could add fencing or make sure your current fencing is pet-proof.

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