What do landlords need to keep in mind during holiday time?

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Family, friends, and colleagues are filled with cheer and ready to celebrate the festive season. Before everyone dives into the holiday period we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some holiday tips for property owners.

Sort your Healthy Homes strategy
Christmas break may be an ideal time for you to focus on your property plans for the new year. While you are lying on the beach relaxing, let your mind wander to what you want to tick off in the coming months to ensure your property is compliant. Installing heat pumps and vents now will make sure your tenants are warm and cosy this winter. Many banks are currently offering interest-free loans for Healthy Homes related improvements.

Alarms are always a good idea
Unfortunately, there is often an uptick in crime around the holidays. Adding a security alarm and/or cameras can make thieves think twice before they break in and damage doors, windows and other items. Even fake cameras available from hardware stores can deter burglars, if they are easily visible. These additions may also lower your insurance costs.

Burglars also know that there can be expensive gifts under the tree and that people may be away for days at a time making it a prime time for break-ins. To make your property more secure, you may want to invest in some window locks and motion detector lights too.  

Know your property manager’s holiday hours

Make sure you and your tenants know your property manager’s opening hours and that you have a dedicated emergency contact.

Check your maintenance list twice

There are certain things specific to summer that your property will need to be ready for the warmer weather. Summer can mean heavy rain and thunderstorms. Make sure gutters are clear. UV window film can help prevent fading on carpets, wood floors and curtains and is well worth the investment. Wooden windows can expand and contract.  Double-check they are in good shape with latches and joints oiled to prevent breakages as people open and close them. Insects including ants and cockroaches come alive during the summer months. Spraying and setting preventative traps can prevent infestations. 

Holiday decor damage

We all love the sparkle that the Christmas season brings via twinkling lights, tinsel and trees. Keep in mind that nails used for decorations and lights can damage walls or decks for example. Any damage  can be costly to repair. You may want to think about gifting your tenants' non-damaging plastic hooks that they can use for their holiday decorations. You can also provide a durable piece of plastic for placement under real trees to prevent warping or staining the floor from watering. The same thing goes for carpet to prevent stains and mould.  

NZ’s brutal UV
One thing you may want to have your property manager check on your behalf is the state of your deck, blinds and curtains for example, to make sure they are ready for the summer sun. It may be time for a preventative sealant to extend the life of the wooden deck or an ideal opportunity to add an awning or a patio shade. Replacing curtains or blinds can protect your carpets and wooden floors and keep things cooler for your tenants too.

Spread a Little Festive Cheer
Last, but not least, send your tenants a Christmas card and maybe an appropriate gift. Your property manager at Barfoot & Thompson can arrange this on your behalf. Sincere Christmas wishes will help to cement your landlord/tenant relationship – a key to keeping good tenants for longer. 

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!  Don’t hesitate to contact your property manager for more advice on keeping your home or apartment safe and secure during the festive period.

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