Winter is a wonderful time to sell

Instinct may tell you that summer, when the weather is warm, is the ideal time to place your property on the market. While it may seem counterintuitive, winter is actually a good time to list your home for many reasons. Let’s look into why the colder months are a hot time to sell.

Winter means seriously engaged customers 
Open homes when the weather is ideal, can attract a good deal of window shoppers who enjoy wandering around a property simply to see ‘what is out there’ in certain price ranges.  However, those that are braving the cold to look through a property are likely to be serious about a purchase. While you may have fewer people through the door, you will be showing your home to more motivated and serious clients. 

Less competition means more attention coming your way
Less on the market means that there is less competition from homes that may be similar to yours and therefore gain more attention from prospective purchasers.  Less inventory, means fewer open homes at the same time, more laser-focused marketing space and potentially more web traffic to your listing.

Coziness increases the appeal of your house
Between the cozy fireplace, decorative thick blankets, candles and heaters - homes tend to have a warmer and friendlier atmosphere during the winter months. Buyers feel comfortable and relaxed, making it easier to imagine themselves in their potential new house.  

Internal temperature consistency
Depending on whether your home is north facing or not, some properties can be too hot during the daytime in summer. Listing in the winter will negate midday heating spells making it more tranquil and therefore more appealing to potential buyers.  

People are staying put
During the summer months people are travelling. Families head to their bach or the beach. During the winter, kids are in school and the low temperatures encourage you to stay close to home. People are around on weekends to tour homes and they will also happily spend a night with a thick throw on the sofa searching for the perfect property online.

The cold does not necessarily mean that the market is not moving forward. There are always opportunities to leverage if you have the right people and the right company behind your sale. Click here to find a salesperson to get a free appraisal of your property.