Young Couple wins their rent paid for a year with Barfoot & Thompson

Minette and Jaco-Johan Swanepoel, a young Stonefields based couple are one step closer to buying their first home, thanks to the $40,000 they won in the 2020 Barfoot & Thompson Check In and win competition.

Initially launched in 2019, the ‘Check In and Win’ mobile site gave attendees to the Barfoot & Thompson sponsored events a chance to win a grand prize. All they had to do to be in to win was check in through the mobile site at as many events as possible. Minette and Jaco-Johan walked away with the 2020 grand prize of their rent paid for a year after checking in at the Super Rugby at Eden Park and the Blues vs. Chiefs game.

“We wanted to offer something extra to event-goers and fans who support and attend our sponsored events. It’s really important to us to give back to the people in our communities, and this is just another way we can do so. To see this young couple win this prize is just what we wanted to accomplish with this contest,” said Peter Thompson, Barfoot & Thompson Managing Director.

“Winning this prize will put us ahead two full years at least, in our planning to buy our first home, '' said an elated Minette. “We are beyond excited; a bit overwhelmed and still can’t believe that this is really happening.” Johan added, “Yes, we are going to a nice restaurant to celebrate but there will be no splurges after that. It is all going straight into the bank,” said the couple.

Director Kiri Barfoot said, “We are just so happy for them and glad they are planning to put their prize money towards purchasing their first house. This is especially meaningful to us as we are so supportive of helping first time buyers achieve this goal.”