Pet Friendly Rentals: An Analysis

Plenty of Kiwis own pets — about 64% of our population according to the New Zealand Companion Animal Council’s most recent report conducted in 2020. This number could well be higher, with more than half of the homes that don’t currently have a pet reporting they would like one, however, the data shows that the biggest barrier in pet ownership is homes being unsuitable (37%) and nearly a third of respondents were in rented accommodation that did not allow pets.

Many landlords have very valid reasons as to not allowing pets, with the two main ones being;

  • The rental is unsuitable for pets, due to primarily no or incomplete fencing and,
  • The risk of damage from pets often means landlords don’t wish to allow them in their investment properties.

Barfoot & Thompson manage more than 19,000 rental properties across Auckland, out of which 14.8% allow pets in January 2023. Although 2,622 may seem like a small number of pet-friendly rental properties overall, this number has increased roughly 6% year on year, over the past three years — and with good reason.

Auckland rental properties that allow pets fetch an average of 11.3% more in rent per week than those who don’t; that works out to be an average of $70.2 extra per week! When looking with a longer term view across the year, these returns can help mitigate the risk of damage from pets.

Rodney District, North Shore and Franklin/Rural Manukau are the top three regions to find a rental with your furry friend, with an average of 21.8% of properties in the rental market allowing pets. However, it is the Central Auckland regions where supply of pet-friendly rentals is tight and some of the greatest returns are made. Aside from the CBD rental market — which consists mainly of apartments, to which 1.76% allow pets for a significant $282 more in rent per week — the Central Auckland East and West regions have only 10.5% and 11% of rental properties allowing pets, respectively. Those landlords that allow pets in their rental properties in the Central Auckland East and West regions net an additional $103 and $156.5 in rent per week respectively!

At a time when Kiwi’s are assessing their spending activity and areas to cost-save, there’s considerations to be made for both landlords and tenants when it comes to pet-friendly rentals. It’s important both parties have open, transparent conversations about their wishes when it comes to welcoming a pet into their property.

Research from around 19,000 properties managed by Barfoot & Thompson in Auckland.