Alastair Plowman

Alastair Plowman

Residential Sales
Epsom Branch
Mobile  027 333 7341
“If you are looking for someone to help you sell property, we unreservedly recommend Alastair. Throughout the whole proc...
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Alastair Plowman

Residential Sales
Epsom Branch
Mobile  027 333 7341

About Alastair Plowman

The Plowman Edge

My 30 year career in business dealing with people, offers my vendors and buyers some significant advantages.

I built three businesses from scratch into success stories. My successes were achieved by having a highly focussed and well researched approach, using smart flexible strategies, and, of course, a great deal of energy. At the top of my list was a commitment to my customers. I was obsessed with achieving great customer focussed outcomes.

All of these businesses worked through significant changes in the marketplace, learning to adapt to changing and often more challenging conditions - much like we have in real estate today. The market is not the hot air balloon market of recent times.

Presenting your property in lights in front of the biggest audience possible, I would be aiming to attract buyers to compete with one another for your home. Smart marketing is therefore very important and that is an area of expertise in which I have had a great deal of success.

My additional secret weapon is rare in real estate. I have a database of around 5,000 people in central Auckland. Unlike most salespeople, I work with buyers as well as vendors, so I always have people in my database looking for properties. One of those people could be your buyer.

Let me get to work for you. I enjoy surprising people!

Alastair's properties

What my clients say

“If you are looking for someone to help you sell property, we unreservedly recommend Alastair. Throughout the whole process he has been enthusiastic and positive, tailoring the marketing perfectly for our situation and he has been totally committed to achieving a great result for us. He is completely professional and yet so friendly and easy to work with - he has made the process a pleasure. He is absolutely awesome!”

Chris & Catherine

''Alastair Plowman was suggested to us by a friend. We were having issues selling our investment apartment located in the central city. Covid had affected the clients available to reside in the apartment and it was now becoming a liability.

From our perspective there were many factors against us, we were in a situation we didn’t want to find ourselves in. Before Alastair, we had what we thought was the best apartment real estate salesperson in the business. Unfortunately this was not the case, the results were not reflecting the reputation.

In our first meeting with Alastair, we could see he was different to our previous encounters with salespeople. He brought a different perspective, a determination and work ethic second-to-none. Over the weeks we would have weekly meetings, Alastair would fine tune our objectives and change tack to suit the unfolding information that was coming in about our apartment. Alastair brought confidence and trust to our journey, always reassuring us that all we needed was one person, and that he would find him/her, and that they were out there.

Alastair would have open homes, sometimes no one would turn up. He would investigate surrounding apartments for sale and look into why they weren’t selling. He would have a chat to people passing him in the street during the open homes to get a bigger picture of the area in which he was selling. He would drop pamphlets into letterboxes in the surrounding apartments. Alastair was determined to get the result and we believed he would.

Fast forward three months, which included a lockdown and many unforeseen issues, and we got our result. Alastair’s expertise, knowledge, determination and detective-like work ethic resulted in our apartment being sold.

Five stars to Alastair. Thank you Sir. ''

Denise & Patrick

''If you are looking for an entrepreneurial, creative and motivated real estate salesperson, who can produce quite special results, then we strongly suggest you consider dealing with Alastair Plowman. What a difference, he made for us ! Our property, which we loved, was previously marketed for six months, without one offer being presented After listening to our story on why we bought our house and what we enjoyed about living here, he was able to turn our unique location into a very creative story on video. He re-shot our property photos and wrote a fresh script to work in with the video. It was sold in four days for the asking price! The inquiry numbers he generated were off the planet. Alastair’s broad business skills are the difference. He is a great listener and communicator and has years of experience producing marketing and promotional material. We have no doubt it was his business marketing skills, which attracted the huge attention to our property, and got it sold so quickly at a great price.

J & S Barker

We recently sold our Epsom property for a street record price! Alastair comes from a business background and has a very genuine communication style which allowed us to trust him completely. He is a breath of fresh air in this industry. The marketing strategy Alastair implemented was well thought out and executed. He was respectful and helpful and gave great advice and guidance all the way through the sales campaign. We would recommend him wholeheartedly to other property sellers who would like a fresh approach which clearly delivers results.

G & S

"Alastair always worked very, very hard to make sure his business customers' experiences were exceptional ones. He has a very high communication level which is very calming. He even calls to confirm an email has been sent. Who else does that? Very likeable.

"I expect Alastair will surprise his clients with his level of planning and strategy in order to get a great outcome. He is very smart and is thinking strategy all the time.''

"Alastair's sense of humour is infectious. He wishes he could hit his greatest golf shots all the time - so competitive with himself and always looking for a new and better swing.''

"I didn't consider I was taking a punt giving Alastair our significant business. He clearly has a smart business brain and it was a simple choice. He had far more passion, more energy and attitude than any of his competitors, and he wrote to us after we gave him the business, to firstly thank us, and then to confirm that he would commit to only exceptional service standards. He will surprise you.''

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