The perfect present for a housewarming gift

The purchase of a new home is something worth commemorating. Buying a gift for the proud new owner is a thoughtful gesture. For it to be meaningful, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Here’s a few appropriate ideas to get you started on gifts that can be given to a friend, family member, client or even a new neighbour.

Restaurant voucher

Do you know of a great eatery or a hidden gem in the neighbourhood close to their new home? Treat them to a meal via a gift voucher! This will give them a chance to try something new and will also come in handy when they are still unpacking boxes and are too tired to cook. If a meal is a bit pricey, what about a coffee or bakery voucher. Not sure what to choose? An UberEats gift card would be welcomed if they are hungry and wanting something delivered.

A wonderful welcome

There are so many elegant and even clever welcome mats on the market and they make ideal gifts. Long gone are the days when these simply said, “welcome”. Instead they can say something like “Wipe Your Paws”, “Welcome Homie” or maybe “Kia Ora”. A good Google search will give you endless options. You may also want to consider a personalised one with their surname on it.

A bit of bubbly or vino

A bottle of champagne definitely says “celebrate”. Hearing the opening pop after being handed the keys is something everyone will enjoy. Pair it with a couple of flutes and they’ll have an excuse to stop and appreciate this big life moment. Wine accompanied by some delicious cheese and crackers is also a great moving-in snack.

Get it right with candlelight

You can’t go wrong with a scented candle to add a little fragrance and soft light. People don’t often treat themselves to candles so they make wonderful gifts. A warm bath with glowing candles can be soothing for those tired muscles after a long day moving boxes.

Pack a picnic

Give people an excuse to enjoy their new garden. Put together a picnic complete with paper plates and disposable utensils and include a blanket and a bottle of wine for an extra special touch.

Sensational soap

One of the things overlooked when packing up is a way to wash your hands. Pick up some fancy hand soap, lotion and a few fresh hand towels for a practical and indulgent gift that will be very appreciated. 

Chill out

There are endless uses for a chilly bin and they make a wonderful housewarming present. Pack it full of ice, juice, sodas and water so hydration is close at hand during the move. These can also be shared with the moving crew as a gesture for their hard work.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that people make during their lifetime so a gift makes so much sense. There are gifts at every price level that will let them know you are as excited about their move as they are.