The right entrance can be both welcoming and keep things clean this winter

Winter is the ideal time to rethink that often overlooked space where people enter and exit the most - your entrance. Setting it up with a winter season strategy can keep mud off your carpets and clothing off the floor. We researched some tips from organisational experts for the best insights on how to maximise the use of this area.

With winter comes lots of wet weather

Shoes of course are the worst when it comes to tracking in mud and sand. Purchasing a large affordable tray and placing it on the floor lined with small stones or a rubber mat will keep the floors clean and dry. A good welcome mat will give your family and guests a last chance to stomp of debris and moisture before stepping inside. Adding a second mat inside the door adds a second line of defense against dirt while shoes are being removed.

Keep coats off the floor

Not all Kiwi homes have a wardrobe close to the front door for coats and bags. No worries,  there are many affordable and super stylish coat racks available from all sorts of retailers. Have you found one you fancy but it does not fit with your decor? Simply spray paint it to match your interior design. There are also over the door hook solutions but make sure that they are a perfect fit that will not damage the door or the frame first - especially if you are renting.

Give your family and guests a comfy spot to get sorted

Winter means gumboots and often footwear with laces, that can be awkward to remove while standing. Placing a bench just inside your front door will give your family and guests a place to sit and remove their footwear and coats.

A pot makes a great spot for wet umbrellas

Wet umbrellas drip water but you don’t want to leave them outside as they do need to dry via the heat indoors. Consider using an empty large decorative plant pot that will look lovely but still allow water to drain without damaging or wetting floors. There are plenty of sizes available across every price point that would be perfect for your wet or soaked umbrellas. 

A basket for each person will save you stress during rushed mornings

There are lots of affordable baskets available from mainstream retailers that look chic but also offer organisational zen. Lining up a basket in your entrance for each person in your household will allow them an easy spot to drop backpacks, lunch boxes, hats, gloves and more. When that busy weekday morning comes around there are no mad dashes to locate everything you need for work or school.

Prevent a mess from wet pets

We all love our four-pawed pals but they sure can create a mess when we bring them in from a walk in the rain or a trip to the beach. Purchase some towels from a secondhand store or op-shop so you can clean them up on a budget. Cut large bath towels into quarters and keep them in a box near the door so you can wipe down wet fur and paws before they bound into your living spaces. Toss them in the washer as needed for reuse. Consider keeping some organic diluted pet-friendly shampoo in a spray bottle, should you need a little more muscle to get them clean but don’t have time for a bath. A large durable commercial mat to do these wipe-downs will be helpful too.

Taking some of these simple and affordable suggestions will save you heaps of stress and will lessen the mess winter tends to bring.