Your 10-step seasonal checklist

Autumn header

Autumn is the perfect time of year to give your property a once over. The days are still bright and the temperature’s mild, making it easier to check that everything’s in order before the chill of winter sets in. Ten tasks to tick off include:

1: GUTTERS – Clear any leaves and debris. Give the gutters a clean. Check for leaks. Install gutter guards if you haven’t got them already (this will save you time, next time).

2: ROOFING - Check for holes, missing or loose tiles, rusted metal sheets, wobbly nails or damaged flashing. Any of these could be a major concern once the wet weather hits.

3: CHIMNEYS - Fireplace been resting? Birds could be nesting. Call in a sweep pre-winter, to clear out chimneys and flues.

4: SMOKE ALARMS - Test thoroughly to ensure they’re all working. Install new batteries if required.

5: ELECTRICS - Inspect power points, power cords and the switchboard. If you notice any damage or scorching, contact a licensed electrician immediately.

6: AIR CON/HEAT PUMP - Wipe down surfaces, vacuum out and dust vents. Inner workings (cleaning coils, checking ducts and filters etc) may need a professional service. It’s good to do this annually, depending on the age of the unit.

7: WINDOWS & DOORS - Check for drafts under doors. Block any gaps with draft stoppers. Seal windows with weatherstripping. Stores like Bunnings and Mitre 10 sell insulator kits that can seriously boost energy savings.

8: LAWN - Fertilise your grass now, so it comes back lush and green in spring.

9: GENERAL GARDEN - Trim and clear any dead branches, leaves and flowers. Enrich the soil. Prune your fruit trees and mulch garden beds.

10: PATHS & DRIVEWAYS - Check for any surface damage. Fix cracks and uneven sections. Use a high pressure hose to blast away any mossy build up, as this can become hazardous in the wet.

Homeowners: Most of these tasks can be ticked off quickly. And putting the time in now can save an ‘odd job’ from becoming a big job later on.

Landlords: At Barfoot & Thompson, we’re known for our excellence in property management. We can work with you to arrange seasonal maintenance as required. 

For advice or information, simply contact your nearest branch.