Max Andrews

Max Andrews

Office Leasing & Investments
North Shore Commercial Branch
Mobile  021 629 141
DDI  09 359 7814
"Robert and myself refer to you both as "The Boys" and you have both been so lovely to work with. Your attention to de...
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Max Andrews

Office Leasing & Investments
North Shore Commercial Branch
Mobile  021 629 141
DDI  09 359 7814

About Max Andrews

#2 Individual Salesperson, North Shore Commercial, 6 months ending September 2019

#3 Individual Salesperson, North Shore Commercial, 2018-2019

I specialise primarily in investment sales and corporate leasing on Auckland's North Shore, with a proven track record of exceptional outcomes over hundreds of transactions with Barfoot & Thompson Commercial, spanning the past four years.

Dedicated to delivering the best possible result for any client that chooses to work with me, my commitment to market knowledge and maintaining a world class database, allows me to deliver exceptional outcomes across the board.

I graduated from the University of Auckland in 2011 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in marketing; a valuable skillset which I tailor and deliver to every clients needs to ensure that their property is presented in the absolute best light, and with maximum exposure through targeted channels.

Outside of work, I'm mostly on the water; I do a lot of kite surfing, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, yachting - including cruising, racing, and I also skipper the occasional private charter.

For those purchasing, divesting, leasing, or simply researching commercial property in the Auckland market, don't hesitate to get in touch to see how I can exceed your commercial needs.

Recent Transactions:

847-849 East Coast Road $7,400,000; A, B, & C, 2 Sanders Avenue $5,510,000; 2/2 Dunrobin Place $4,100,000, 3A Target Court $3,550,000; A2/40 Triton Drive $2,100,000; 1 Airborne Road $2,063,000; 1A & 1B/40 Library Lane $1,770,000; 5 Goldfield $2,050,000; G2/4 Orbit Drive $1,200,000; 1C/40 Library Lane $1,150,000; 7/F Triton Drive $1,020,000; F1/4 Orbit Drive $1,000,000; 86L Bush Road; F3/18 Triton Drive; D3/17 Corinthian Drive; G3/4 Orbit Drive; G3/4 Orbit Drive; A/12 Saturn Place; G1/27-29 William Pickering Drive; 1/6-8 Omega Street; Unit E1, 63 Apollo Drive; D4/27-29 William Pickering Drive; J/106 Bush Road; Unit B3, 72 Apollo Drive; 7/40 Arrenway Drive; E/75 Corinthian Drive; Unit 2, 6-8 Omega Street; H/86 Bush Road; Part of G2/5 Orbit Drive; Unit 1H, 5 Ceres Court; 241F Rosedale Road; G/241Rosedale Road; 5D/10 Canaveral Drive; 241B Rosedale Road; 2C, 5 Ceres Court; 2H/3 Ceres Court; Unit O, 101 Apollo Drive; X/6 Rosedale Road.

7/138 Hurstmere Road; L1, 132 Hurstmere Road; D2/ 17 Corinthian Drive; I2, 4 Orbit Drive; 5-7 Paul Matthews Road; 15 Huron Street; A5, 5 Douglas Alexander Parade; Unit 1/ 87 Hurstmere Road; 31E Apollo Drive, 2H, 5 Ceres Court; F3, 4 Orbit Drive; F/4 Antares Place; Level 2, 207A/74 Taharoto Road; 4/112 Bush Road; I1/4 Orbit Drive; 8/63 Arrenway Drive; 53 Hurstmere Road, 132 Hurstmere Road; D4/27-29 William Pickering Drive; F/101 Apollo Drive; 7 Goldfield; I1/4 Orbit Drive; 20/14 Airborne Road; O/86 Bush Road; 7 & 9/31 Northcroft Street; Suite 303, Level 3/74 Taharoto Road; D2, 59 Apollo Drive; 20-24 Anzac Street; 122-124 Anzac Street; Level 1, 159 Hurstmere Road; Unit G1/4 Orbit Drive; 5D/331 Rosedale Road; G/86 Bush Road; 28A William Pickering Drive; A/19-21 Como Street; A/112 Bush Road; 1H/65 Paul Matthews Road; 5B/5 Douglas Alexander Parade; 1/6-8 Omega Street; 4/54 View Road; Tenancy 2, 1/31 Northcroft Street; B/101 Apollo Drive; 4/120 Albert Street; 120 Albert Street; 72 Taharoto Road; 29 Hargreaves Street; F2, 4 Orbit Drive; Level 3, 159 Hurstmere Road; 68-76 Taharoto Road; G2/4 Orbit Drive; 159 Hurstmere Road; 1 Barrys Point Road; GE/43 Omega Street; F/7 Triton Drive; D/7 Triton Drive; 17 Piermark Drive; 4 Fred Thomas Drive; 39 Taharoto Road; 59 Apollo Drive; Unit A, 12 Saturn Place; Unit E, 23 William Pickering Drive; C/7 Orbit Drive; 104/68-76 Taharoto Road; D/27-29 William Pickering Drive; B2/32 William Pickering Drive; A/179 Archers Road; K/106 Bush Road; 7/76 Paul Matthews Road; 7/1 William Pickering Drive; J/106 Bush Road; Unit B, 447A Lake Road; Suite 205A, Level 2, 74 Taharoto Road; Level 2, 207A/74 Taharoto Road; Shop 341/40-48 Downing Street; 3/8 Anzac Street; Part 16 Byron Avenue; 63 Birkenhead Avenue; Level 2, 9 Anzac Street; Bldg A, Unit C, Suite C,17 Corinthian Drive; 4A/4 Te Kea Place; Shop 4/56-60 Hurstmere Road; 7/9 Orbit Drive; F/4 Antares Place; Unit 5D, 10 Canaveral Drive; Suite 306, Lvl 3, 61 Constellation Drive; C/42 Tawa Drive; Level 3, Building 4/61 Constellation Drive; E/101 Apollo Drive; 9/54 View Road; M/101 Apollo Drive; Level 3, Building 4, 61 Constellation Drive; F/3 Milford Road; B1/13 Lovell Court; Suite A, Level 1,1 Airborne Road; Suite E, Unit H, 5 Ceres Court; 7C Douglas Alexander Parade; B1, 27-29 William Pickering Drive; Unit E, 9 Apollo Drive; 1 Tarndale Grove; Unit 14, 39 Apollo Drive; 5D Apollo Drive; 101K Apollo Drive; Suite E, Building E, 42 Tawa Drive; Unit 7, 26-28 Anzac Road; 86G Bush Road; 112E Bush Road; Unit 1H/5 Ceres Court; Unit 2I, 3 Ceres Court; 42 Tawa Drive; Suite D, Building 6, 331 Rosedale Road; 245 Hinemoa Street; 2E, 3 Ceres Court; Unit L, 86 Bush Road; 8B Target Road; G2,59 Apollo Drive; Ground Floor, 4/54 View Road; 63 Apollo Drive; O/44-46 Constellation Drive; 2H/5 Ceres Court; 418 Glenfield Road; 2/84-90 Mokoia Road; 48D Lake Road; E3/27-29 William Pickering Drive; B/100 Bush Road; L/86 Bush Road; C & D/412 Lake Road; H/65 Paul Matthews Road; D/42 Tawa Drive; 16/33 Apollo Drive; 12 John Glenn Avenue.

Max's properties

What my clients say

"Robert and myself refer to you both as "The Boys" and you have both been so lovely to work with. Your attention to detail on the marketing and the reporting back along with lots of enthusiasm, especially taking the huge gamble to push up the tender price to $7.4. It takes a special quality to be able to back yourselves under intense pressure. We appreciate the months of hard ground work and especially the successful outcome. A big congratulations to you both and I wish you continued success in your careers."

Kind Regards

Dianne O'Malley

"If you're a landlord looking to find a tenant/ purchaser, or if you need to find a property to occupy, Max is your guy. Over the course of an hour or two he had us through half a dozen suitable options that we hadn't seen after dealing with a couple of other agents. He understood the brief, found us the winning property and then worked with us on an agreement-to-lease offer that helped us and the landlord come away with a win-win outcome."

Ryan Mitchell, Director of Fabric Digital

"Hi Max, Thanks so much for leasing the office, well done we really appreciate the quick turn around. You will do really well for two reasons - you care and you follow up. Have a great weekend."

Brenda Stanford, Bush Road

"I should emphasise that Nick and Max demonstrated a degree of sophistication and integrity in the manner which they both worked closely with me; keeping me in the picture with progress of the sale/leasing etc.

They are reasonably firm in pursuing the vendors best interests without favouring me the purchaser, while all the time maintaining good relations with the buyer. All this has resulted in my striking up a good relationship with both Nick and Max.

In dealing with quite a few agents over time, and hopefully have some qualification to judge who is a good operator and who is not. Nick and Max are two young men with very outgoing, open, bright personalities which instil confidence in their all-round approach, and I feel sure that Nick, along with Max will go a long way in the business if they keep operating in the manner which they demonstrated to date."

Terry and Colleen Hicks, Omega Street

"We have had a most successful sale with these two millennial men. They look like stars, and they are. Their technology was cool - from the drone shots that spearheaded the marketing shots to the social media backup of the traditional media campaign, we were on point - and it showed.

Our property sale generated approximately 100 enquiries and 50 site visits over a four week period, and resulted in multiple offers being received. Nick Brown and Max Andrews dealt with the rush and the barrage of questions in a calm and capable manner. They are young, well educated and keen, and they have done a great job for us. I thought they were well prepared and efficient during the run-up to the campaign, and managed the negotiations successfully at the end. Overall it was an excellent effort, and I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Nikki Barrett, Sanders Avenue
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