Mark Muller

Mark Muller

Associate Salesperson
Howick Branch
Mobile  027 452 2159
Lorna and Mark were recommended to us. Our experience was that they delivered a very professional package, going that ex...
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Mark Muller

Associate Salesperson
Howick Branch
Mobile  027 452 2159

About Mark Muller

As a past tradesman in the building industry, and for the last seven years a qualified building inspector, I know houses inside and out! My building and renovating expertise has been called on many times to offer advice on preparing a property for sale, advising buyers on properties pre-purchase and advising vendors on how to add value to their homes to maximise their final sale price.

My aim is simple. To create an elevated perception of the value of your home through marketing and communication, all the time focusing on achieving the highest price possible for your property together with a superior level of service every step of the way. Many of my clients happily provide references on their own accord ... a true indication of the positive experience they have had.

I am delighted to follow my wife of 31 years into the real estate industry and together we bring a wealth of knowledge to share with vendors and purchasers alike.

Give me a call for a no-obligation chat and make me your First Choice for all your Real Estate needs!

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What my clients say

Lorna and Mark were recommended to us. Our experience was that they delivered a very professional package, going that extra mile, well above and beyond other salespeople, and really exceeding our expectations.

If you are wanting to sell your property, we would highly recommend this amazing team to you.

Allyson & David Steward

"Where do we begin. There are no words to express our thanks to Lorna & Mark for all you have done for us. Under the most difficult, and at times very stressful process of trying to sell our house during the COVID Lockdown period, you have not only remained very professional but been a calming influence when we were dealt very difficult situations. It takes a very special person to handle things the way you both did with such ease during these trying times. Our time to sell was cut short by the Lockdown but you still managed to not only sell our house but also get our sale price. Due to your hard work, determination and commitment, we incurred no penalties and were able to meet our settlement date on the new house. We have no hesitation in recommending Lorna & Mark to not only sell your property but also find your new home. They definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. We are very blessed to have you as our salespeople, and now as personal friends."

Craig & Nicky Rutters

I have had the best experience ever with Lorna and Mark, selling both my rental property and more recently the family home.

The rental property was totally renovated last year prior to selling and Mark oversaw the whole thing. He did a lot of the non-compliance work himself as he is an extremely talented handyman. His attention to detail and his determination to keep costs within my budget were outstanding. Due to their hard work, Lorna and Mark managed to get me a fantastic price at auction for the rental.

The next big project was the family home. The contacts Team Muller have, ensured all renovations were done expertly and expediently and of course, within my budget. Once again I was extremely happy with the price we achieved at auction.

The last, and perhaps biggest job, was finding me a new property. The auction market is a tough one and we missed out on a couple of properties. However, Team Muller did not give up on me, and we found the perfect house in the perfect location for the next chapter in my life.

Mark and Lorna are what I call "salt of the earth" people who I feel lucky enough to now call firm friends.. They are honest, have integrity and above all wanted the best outcome for me. They both worked tirelessly performing tasks that not many salespeople would do all for free e.g. waterblasting, painting, cleaning, weed spraying and much more.

I highly recommend this wonderful partnership and would not hesitate to do so verbally as well if ever the need arises.

Kind regards

Anne-Marie Williams

In the middle of 2020, my wife and I wanted to downsize our family home, in Dannemora. It wasn’t an easy decision to make as our family had lived in the house for about 17 years!

From our past experience in the housing industry, we felt that Barfoot & Thompson had a great network in the real estate industry and their fees were competitive. It was an easy decision to engage Barfoot & Thompson as our selling company. It so happened that around that time, our neighbour further down the street was selling their house and they had a Barfoot & Thompson sign at front of their property! I drove past and noted down the mobile numbers of Lorna and Loretta. I thought they must be working as a team. Initially I had wanted to ring Lorna directly. Eventually I rang the Howick office and from there I made an appointment to meet up with Loretta and Lorna. It was a stressful period for my family and I during the downsizing process. Do we sell our house first or do we buy first? Do we have open homes whilst living in the house or do we move out and stage the house? Loretta and Lorna explained the various options available to us. We took time to consider the options, their advice and at the same time we knew we had potential Covid restrictions to deal with. We talked through with Loretta and Lorna and came up with a plan.

We decided to buy first, move out and then auction our family home before Christmas 2020. Even though we like to think that we had looked after our house very well whilst we were living there, including proper maintenance, there were things that could have been improved upon. Loretta and Lorna introduced Mark to us. Mark has a building trade background and he was an immense help, in terms of getting the house presentable for sale. Throughout the buying and selling process, the team of Loretta, Lorna and Mark had worked very hard for us. They were very helpful during our search for a house to buy. Eventually we did buy a house! Their input into getting our family home ready, staging, photography, advertising and auction were much appreciated. Personally, I thought they each brought their own expertise into the team. Nothing is too hard for any of them and I find them a great team to work with.

We sold our family home at auction just before Christmas 2020. Everything pretty much went according to plan. If you are looking to sell your house in East Auckland, I would definitely recommend this team involving Loretta, Lorna and Mark. Between them, they have a lot of experience in East Auckland. They provided valuable insight into the current housing market, the selling process and just quietly, Mark is their secret weapon.

David & Geraldine

After unsuccessful attempts with three different salespeople over the course of the last two years, we decided to engage Lorna and Mark Muller from the Howick branch of Barfoot & Thompson real estate. From the outset, we felt really confident with them as our salespeople. After guiding us through different options, we, along with them, decided to try a three-week campaign of open homes which then went on to lead to a successful auction.

Their point of difference from other salespeople is the absolutely unbelievable service they offer.

Mark, an ex-building inspector, is able to offer tidy up jobs such as plastering or painting, to help get the house market ready, both of which he helped us with at our property. What awesome support that was to us.

Lorna is an exceptionally trustworthy salesperson, who believes the client comes first and for us, and I would go as far to say, our buyers too, it has shown through from start to finish.

We cannot thank them enough for their care, kindness and professionalism.

We believe anyone considering selling or buying property should engage Lorna and Mark Muller, as not only will you get trustworthy salespeople, but exceptional salespeople who are prepared to put their all into working for you.

Jan & Colin Botherway – Very Happy Clients

Absolutely outstanding service from Lorna and Mark Muller. I cannot praise them enough! Lorna and Mark Muller were outstanding operators from start to finish. Their attention to detail, common sense approach plus amazing personal support and assistance was very much appreciated. My rental property was totally renovated and they personally did so much work to the property to help get it ready for the market. Their advice was the best and we secured an awesome price at auction.

Anne-Marie - Northpark

Selling our family home seemed a daunting task due to the complexity and compliance standards now required by a vendor and the associated liability that comes with selling a house today.

Then we meet Team Muller-Mark & Lorna and they not only guided us through the process, they even helped project manage the contractors to make sure a high level of workmanship was obtained, as the contractors could see Mark and Lorna were experienced and knew what they were talking about.

Team Muller comes with a huge amount of experience to help the vendor through this process. Mark has 30 years of construction experience, as well as seven years as a house inspector before he became a real estate salesperson.

This was invaluable and gave us a huge sense of security that we had someone we knew what they were doing. Mark and Lorna were able to show us in detail what was needed to get our house ready for the market and it was all done within a time-frame and well within our budget. They even bought tapware back from Australia while they were on holiday that we couldn’t source in New Zealand. How many real estate salespeople do that for their vendors?

The process that Mark and Lorna follow was specifically designed around what would work for our property. Team Muller are a special couple and are not your usual real estate salespeople that we have met in the past. They come with a stunning value proposition where they put you first and are not afraid to get in and help where needed.

When it came to marketing our home Mark and Lorna did it with the utmost professionalism.

After every open home we were informed as to how many groups had visited the open home, and they then followed up with every buyer. Each Monday they presented us with a full and comprehensive report on what the feedback of all buyers were.

Team Muller kept in touch on a daily basis until a sale was reached. They were also very conscious of the security of our home and ensured every door and window was shut and the alarm was activated before leaving our home after every visit.

We can’t thank Team Muller enough, they were absolutely superb with all they did for us and are outstanding representatives of Barfoot & Thompson.

We highly recommend that you call them to discuss any aspects of real estate so that they can put a personalised plan of action in place for you.

Elizabeth & Mark Stolten - Santa Ana Drive - Dannemora

"I brought my home from Mark & Lorna and they made the whole experience simple and easy. Their personalities are very friendly and welcoming and their communication was above and beyond to make me feel important and informed. Dealing with this duo felt more like family than realtor and client which made my experience a good one. If I was ever to sell and purchase another home in the future, I would happily request this awesome team again. Thank you Lorna & Mark."


My estate agents, Team Muller (Lorna and Mark) were absolutely superb and are outstanding representatives of Barfoot & Thompson. They assisted me through every process and procedure necessary to market and sell my home and did so with utmost professionalism, integrity and honesty. Selling my family home seemed a daunting and overwhelming task for me but Lorna and Mark were with me every step of the way and offered their guidance and assistance willingly, patiently and with a great deal of kindness. Nothing ever seemed too much of an effort for them and they were always friendly and caring to both myself and my family. I cannot thank Lorna and Mark enough for the many hours they have devoted to helping me and I totally recommend them to anyone who is wanting to sell or buy a home.

Paula Sutherland

My wife joins me in thanking you both very much indeed for selling our investment property for us on Wellington Street in Pukekohe in August. As you know, we had previously commissioned two other real estate companies to sell the property. The first company took on the listing for three months from August to October 2018 and were unable to entice a single offer. The second company took on the listing from December 2018 until they did finally secure one solitary offer in June 2019, over six months later ($10,000 less than asking price). Unfortunately this offer fell over due to a poor building report based on hairline settlement cracks and we were most disappointed that this company did not advise us how to prepare the building's exterior for a report pass.

Consequently we took the property off the market to have a break, rethink and then decided to bring you guys on board, predominantly due to your previous building inspector experience and knowledge of monolithic cladding. This proved to be a fantastic decision for us because your whole approach to the property's marketing was a breath of fresh air for us. You advised us to renovate more inside, you personalised the marketing effort by including self-interviewed videos and most importantly, showed us in specific detail how to bring the building up to spec to pass a typically stringent building inspection of this nature.

We were then amazed when within the first Open Home weekend in August 2019 you secured two offers, one of which was asking price!!! It was breath-taking and very much compensated for all the previous years frustrations with the other real estate companies failures.

We thank you wholeheartedly for your swift and effective efforts in such a short time and I can confirm that I will have no hesitation in choosing Team Muller to sell my property in the future in Half Moon Bay. Although this property has plastic cladding I have no doubt you will know what and how to get this swiftly over the line also, and for top dollar!

Well done guys. you are truly amazing !

Most sincerely,

Simon Fletcher - Ex Pukekohe

Lorna and Mark Muller are the best real estate agents I have ever had the privilege to sell one of my homes through. From the first time they came into my house I could see how knowledgeable, honest, extremely friendly they were and I didn't find them pushy at all, in fact quite the opposite. They sat down and spoke to me first as they had already done a lot of research around my area and knew what had sold and the prices they had sold for. They walked around my property and pointed out anything they felt needed attention in order to get the best price before the house would be ready to go on the market. I had done some research of my own and learned that Lorna and Mark, before going into real estate, had in fact brought and sold a lot of homes themselves so they had a lot of expertise in buying and selling. Also Mark had previously worked as a building inspector for quite a few years so he knew a lot about what's required by law to sell or buy a house. I wouldn't buy or sell a house now without Team Muller at my side .
They go well beyond what would ever be expected of a real estate team from helping with painting, fixing things up and even feeding my cat on a weekend after open homes while I was away Talk about hands on! They also know of really good contractors should you need one that is honest, reliable and doesn't charge exorbitant prices.

So if your looking for the best, friendliest and honest real estate agents, go direct to Team Muller. They go all out to make sure you sell your home for the best price possible!

Angela Reece

We met Lorna and Mark when we bought a property they were marketing in February. We then decided to engage them to sell our property, as Lorna has a very natural style and Mark, a wealth of property knowledge and technical knowledge. We found when buying the other property that they worked hard for their vendors, so we knew that they would do the same for us. Lorna and Mark went out of their way to make us feel very comfortable about the auction process, and regularly updated us with feedback. Lorna was very considerate of the security of our property and made every effort to present our property at it's best, which is why I think we got such a great result at the auction, selling after only 12 days on the market. What we initially thought was going to be a stressful process was made easy with Lorna and Mark, and we have come away with a great result, and a great feeling. We highly recommend Team Muller, who will go above and beyond for you, and who you can trust to put your interests first.
Kind regards,

Victoria Landers and John Fenner

Recommending Lorna and Mark Muller- Any day!! Our journey started in March 2018 at a house viewing - not what we were looking for, but we were extremely lucky to meet Lorna (we didn't know it at the time...). Next day Lorna called me to follow-up, 'another agent expanding their contact list', I thought, but NO! This call was different, she listened to what we were looking for and took it to heart, made it her mission to help us. She remembered our children's names and where they go to school. And so our journey started.....

Both Lorna and Mark went above and beyond what is expected from an estate agent, accompanying us to auctions - even in their own time for other agents when they had nothing to gain. Took us to see numerous homes. Please note - our wish list was BIG, our deposit not so much...

When we were ready to give up, they persevered, never once allowing us to settle for anything less than ideal. Eventually we gave up and put our money in a fixed term deposit... thinking that's it. But then #teammuller found us the perfect home - ticking every box on our list and negotiated the right price for both the vendor and us!!

Again they surprised us with assisting in an extended settlement date to get our deposit released and for the vendor to have a relaxed move. Not only that, but also helping us to get in touch with 'tradies' for the renovations we wanted. Mark even did some of the work himself. I can go on and on about what they did for us!

I want to commend Lorna and Mark on their honesty and integrity, and for never allowing us to give up. THANK YOU!!

Count yourself lucky if your path cross theirs...

Family Du Preez

We are finally settled in our first house. My husband and I did not have much knowledge of the process. Lorna has been extremely helpful and patient, given us very honest and genuine advice. And also a big thank to Lorna's husband Mark who also gave us great support. We had a great experience with Lorna and Mark.

Sunny & Allan
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